Posted by: willsbridge | April 30, 2011

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We have an ever changing selection of some of the World’s finest vintage liquors and wines.   If you do not see what you are looking in what we have to offer; Contact us and through our Global  networking, we are confident that we can fulfill your request.

Cognac Hardy circa: 1830

  • Discovered in a bricked up room in a house in East Germany.
  • Description: This is a remarkable find ONE of only TWO known to exist.
  • Item Number: L-CO102

Price: 20,350 USD

Cognac Hardy: circa 1820

  • From Jacques Hardy’s private cellar, released in 2002.
  • Description: This bottle is a spectacular rare and important find, in it’s own right, and having the original provenance letter from Jacques Hardy (who died in 2005), is an added bonus. It’s the only one that has come on the market in the last 7-8 years.
  • Item #: L-CO101

Price: 19,550 USD

Absinthe circa: 1913

Price: 5,900 USD

  • Pre-Ban Absinthe Pernod Fils.
  • Description: This is a rare, sought after and important Absinthe.
  • Item #: L-A104

Calvados circa 1865

Price: 3,200 USD

  • Calvados Huet.
  • Description: Typical black painted bottle. The early surviving vintage, from one of the greatest Calvados producers. Very rare, a spectacular Calvados.
  • Item #: L-CA103

Maison J. Balluteaud Cognac Grande Champagne Louis XV 1888

  • Same producer as the 1920 Louis XV. Exceptional, and the only bottle of this vintage I have ever seen.
  • Item # : L-CO105

Price: 3,850 USD

Cognac Fine Champagne 1893 Caves de l’Hotel Ritz, Paris

  • Fabulous provenance, from one of the grandest hotels in Paris, renowned for its vast cellars. 1893 was a spectacular vintage, regarded as the equal of 1811 in most French vine regions. Branded cork. Absolutely perfect mint condition.
  • Item #: L-CO106
Price: 2,700 USD

Rouyer Guillet Cognac Grande Champagne 1893

  • Deluxe bottling from this highly regarded house, very great vintage. Comes with separate decanter stopper, and original display box.
  • Item #: L-CO107
Price: 2,700 USD

Cognac Frapin 1829

  • This is a unique bottle, and believed to be the OLDEST KNOWN BOTTLE OF FRAPIN, older than anything they themselves have in their own cellars!
  •  Olivier Paulet, who is the cellarmaster at Cognac Frapin was amazed to see the pictures, and he has sent them to the Cointreau family, who are the ultimate owners of the marque.
  • In 20 years with Frapin, he has never seen an older bottle. If we do not sell the bottle to an existing client soon he has asked me to offer it to Frapin directly, they will buy it for their archive. This is a “once in a lifetime” level bottle, from a great marque that is particularly revered by cognac connoisseurs.
  • Item #: L-CO108
Price: 18, 700 USD



  1. I have a quarter-bottle of cognac for auction or sale:
    ‘Year 1910, F. Balluteaud Cognac’, nearmint condition – 1/10 evaporated.

    And also:
    ‘Year approx. 1925, a 36cl bottle, ‘G.A Jourde Cordial Medoc Digestif, Importation Directe de G.A. Jourde pour consommation en Danemark’ – 1/3 evaporated

    Both items uncorked

    Value? Interested?

    Please reply to

    Kind Regards,

  2. I have a nonopened 1875 Rouyer Guillet Cognac – Reserve De L’ange intact with the wiring. Do you have any idea or range of how much this could be worth?? Thanks alot

  3. Dear Alejandro,
    If you like I can add your 1875 Rouyer Guillet Cognac – Reserve De L’ange to my inventory. If you would like to send some good close up photo’s, also if you can add a description, with any story/History of your bottle to my email: I will post your bottle on my site, also how much are you willing to sell it for? If you could send me your contact details, with your address? Lets see if we get a bite!

    Kindest Regards..


  4. I can’t find a reference to this bottle of Cognac, and a quarter bottle, probably would be very hard to find interest!

    I wish you good fortune!


  5. I have to apologize,
    I just found your post buried in my archives! I also put in the wrong spelling and got no results, since then, I have re-read your post, if you still have these bottles, and if you are still interested in finding a new home for them, I would be happy two add these bottles to my inventory, I will of course research their market value. Please contact me through my email:

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